• Why should we hire you?

    "Why should we hire you?" is a common interview question that can take you down the wrong road unless you've done some thinking ahead of time.

  • Job Switch

    There could be many reasons why people switch their jobs. The main reason behind this is not always salary. The reasons why most people switch jobs could be different - getting married and moving; an unlikeable boss; dynamic goals and lack of inadequate motivation or vision.


    With growing competition for jobs, setting up right impression on the first attempt is very important.

  • How a Good Candidate Clears the H.R. Hurdles

    A smart job seeker always research in advance about the company and their services before facing the interview.

  • Trends for Job Seekers

    With the new year comes renewed interest in changing jobs. If you want to move into a career poised for growth or one that is m

  • What to Do When You are Burnt Out On Your Job Search

    The daily grind can be tough and exhausting. But, honestly, so can job searching. Constantly tailoring your resume, drafting personalized cover letters, and anxiously refreshing your email in hopes of at least one reply from a hiring manager is enough to leave you feeling totally drained.