Interview Tips

With growing competition for jobs, setting up right impression on the first attempt is very important. You might be well prepared for the interview or have a good experience and tenurity, but there are a few things which describe your personality beyond your resume. Small factors which might not seem important or relevant to your interview are an actual game changer. Knowingly or unknowingly we convey our character to the next person through our body language, a way of looking at things dressing etc. When it comes to an interview, everything will be noticed because every company wants a good addition to their company. Everyone talks about what to do in an interview, but here are a few things which are a strict no-no during an interview and should be avoided.

  • Bluff – One of the things you should never do in an interview is to lie. If you are not sure about a certain thing, admit it, rather than babbling something irrelevant and making a joke of yourself. With experience in interviewing, it will not be difficult for the interviewer to detect your lie. Admitting the truth will also display your honest qualities. “Tell a Lie Once, and all Your Truths Become Questionable.”
  • Previous bad experience – If you are applying for the interview with an experience, then there will be a question asked about the reason for leaving the previous job, or about the experience you’ve had there. Even if you might not have had a good experience in your ex-company, do not project any of that to the interviewer. Let it had been your manager, colleagues, work culture or any other reason, do not criticize your previous job.
  • Dressing – Your dressing talks a lot about your personality. The best practice is to dress in comfortable formal wear even if the company’s dress code permits casuals to wear. Do not overdress and wear any unnecessary gadgets or accessories. Make sure your dress is not flashy and a perfect fit – not too tight or too sloppy. Your dressing adds a lot to your confidence and personality, so dressing appropriately helps impress your interviewers.
  • Overconfidence/Oversell – You might be smart, but you surely don’t know everything. Do Not sound overconfident or push limits to prove a point you mentioned. Being confident is one thing and being overconfident is an equally opposite thing. Overconfidence can kill the entire situation. Also, do not boast about yourself or your achievements as this can a bad bragging impression about you.
  • Complaining/Whining – You might have seen many ups and downs throughout your life, and might like to share your experiences during an interview, remember not to complain about anything. Let it be a movie, a country, sport or anything, remember to not to talk negative. Don’t talk anything negative as this will leave a negative vibe throughout the interview. Also stay away from sensitive topics like religion or ongoing political affairs.

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Interview Tips
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